Young Leaders

The Young Leader Scheme is one of the exciting elements of the Explorer Scouts Programme. It encourages youth members aged between 14 and 17 to support a younger section while developing their own skills.

A Young Leader can be someone who is already an Explorer Scout who is interested in starting their journey towards become in Leader.

Explorer Scout Young Leaders are enthusiastic Explorers who volunteer alongside adult leaders in various sections, including Squirrel Dreys, Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, or Scout Troops. They are integral members of our leadership teams, bringing fresh ideas and serving as positive role models for the young people they work alongside.

  • Leadership skills
  • Experience
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills

Here’s what being a Young Leader entails:

Young Leaders, aged 14-18, collaborate with the adult leadership team of the Beaver, Cub, and Scout sections to deliver engaging programs. They receive ongoing training and support from the district, including Modules and Missions designed to cultivate their leadership abilities. The combination of volunteering and training also counts towards sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Why become a Young Leader?

  • You’ll bring fresh ideas and youth-shaped thinking to the table.
  • You’ll develop and practice essential skills like leadership, teamwork, organization, and communication.
  • You’ll gain transferable skills such as planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • You’ll learn to take responsibility, build resilience, and boost your confidence.

Young Leaders play a crucial role in Scouting’s future by:

  • Providing positive role models for younger members.
  • Assisting Section Leaders in program delivery.
  • Creating a pool of potential adult volunteers with Scouting skills and knowledge.
  • Ultimately increasing the number of young adult Leaders and enabling Scouting to serve more young people.

What will you gain?

Practical skills and leadership experience that will set you apart in various aspects of life, including college, university, and job applications.


  • Modules are conducted in a fun and interactive style, approximately once a month, with a residential training camp held annually.
  • There are 12 modules to complete, along with 4 missions to earn your belt buckle.
  • Module A, focusing on safeguarding, is compulsory and must be completed within 3 months of starting.


  • There are 4 missions to complete, allowing you to apply your training from the modules and develop your skill set.
  • A record book is provided upon completion of Module A to track module attendance and missions.

Join us in exploring the exciting opportunities offered by the Young Leaders scheme!

For more information, please visit the Young Leaders section on the Scout website.